Hungama Ho Gaya- Queen

Mainae hoton se lagayi tho……hungama ho gaya, croons Asha Bhosle, while a drunk Kangana  jumps up on the bar counter, does her thing and while mimicking the others, takes off her sweater whirls it above her head..and you’d think that she’d fling it away like the other women…but nope…she just does one hell of a whirl and shoves it into her bag.

The hall  is in splits!

Queen has so many moments …like this …where it is not just the script or just the direction or the background score, or even just the performance alone..but something or everything just falls into place. As real and lovely as the dialogues are, it really are the silences which leave an impact.

Some moments which stayed on 


Kangana sits for her mehendi ceremony  and you hear her think about her first nightwhy has her mum not changed into a sari like she said she would and why is her her kid brother not taking any pictures of her and everything else in between. It’s real.

Kangana  is on her way home after being told that her wedding is called off. There is muted panic, confusion, pain, embarrassment and so much else on her face in that 60 second auto ride. No dialogue. That split second change in expression when she walks into the house, is priceless. If you watched the film and didn’t notice it…please watch it again. 



She wakes up in her hotel room to the moans and grunts of folks making out in the next room. She makes the connections between the qsounds and only a good couple of seconds later than the audience. The groggy disorientation that turns to fear/surprise that has her leaping around on the bed is classic and rib tickling funny- again nothing much is said.

Lisa Haydon is the free spirit she meets and does the party circuit with. The characters are poles apart and comfortable with each other. At one point in the film Kangana while describing what an obedient and amicable person she has been says ‘ Mainay hamesha uski baat maani hai, …arrey tum jiska naam lo un sabki baat maani hai’. 

Lisa tries coaxing Kangana to bare more skin and loosen up a bit, and K  does, but unlike so many other films and stories where these moments are used for some dramatic change, the story lets the character push her  boundaries and she was allowed to meet no other standards but her own. Amazing sensitivity and restraint. 

Her boyfriend had promised a dinner on top of the Eiffel tower and on her solo honeymoon trip, the Eiffel Tower lays seige and it’s there looming over buildings, dropping out of souvenir cartons and Kanagana runs across the city to avoid it . 


Screaming in terror, Kangana runs out of the bathroom and the three boys she shares a room with run in to check and come out screaming too……it’s a lizard …no surprise there … but absolutely hilarious!! The foursome crouched on the top bunk seem to think so too!

This foursome is fresh and make for very enjoyable viewing. The three have their laughs at the expense of Kangana in a sex toy store. They pull out one toy after the other and ask her what she thinks is it- so  a vibrator is a massager, some leather strappy SnM type  outfit is a belt..which she feels she can anyway pick up from Lajpat Nagar and when she hears them laugh hysterically she muses …Lajpat Nagar is always funny for foreigners! Also not even the guy who is soft on her tells her what is going on even when she picks up gifts for the family from the sex toy shop! Neat! 



She meets her repentant boyfriend hugs him tight and returns the ring.


Kangana realizes what she wants. There are no dialogues or moments of enlightenment. I love that she doesn’t talk about her cancelled wedding with the exception of the first drunken cathartic wailing. She doesn’t respond to it when her parents and boyfriend bring it up either. Her silence is natural and you don’t really notice it till she hands over the ring.

I’m beyond thrilled about this film! Please watch it.